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20140408 Cobra Interview with Alexandra Meadors — March Monthly Update

13. 4. 2014


Cobra Interview with Alexandra Meadors — March Monthly Update

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=IUulPEhrn0w

Interview Index (Transcript Follows)

1. The Most Tense Moment in our Modern History (4:15)
2. Spring Equinox & Window of Opportunity (5:30)
3. Lunar Eclipse aka Blood Moon & Jewish Festival (7:10)
4. Purification of Cabal in Israel & Closed Embassies (7:50)
5. Energetic Pressure on our Physical Bodies (8:00)
6. No Guarantee for the Event Happening Now (10:10)
7. Disclosure Process Definition (10:40)
8. False Understanding of Source & Darkness (11:20)
9. Channelings & Ascended Masters (13:30)
10. Financial Changes & March 21 (14:30)
11. No Funds Realeased by BIS, No TRNs Either (15:20)
12. Instanteneous Change during the Reset (16:00)
13. New Financial System’s Layers (16:30)
14. Major Victory of the Light on April 8th (17:20)
15. The Event is NOT Planned for April 15th (18:00)
16. Stop Counting on the Event – Financially Speaking (18:10)
17. Gold Backed Currency (19:20)
18. Collateral Accounts Negotiations Not Completed Yet (19:45)
19. IMF & FED Still Running (21:00)
20. The Reset Process (22:00)
21. Eastern Alliance & the Alternative Infrastructure (23:00)
22. Big Boom in Nigeria (25:00)
23. NESARA & More than $2000 fo Each Individual (25:50)
24. Payouts to Lightworkers from St. Germain Funds (27:30)
25. House Bill H.R. 2847 (28:00)
26. High Frequency Trading Cabal’s Operations Backbone (28:50)
27. Flex Coin Fiasko, & NSA Good Guys Vs NSA Bad Guys (29:30)
28. Pepe Orsini, White Pope, Black Pope, Grey Pope (30:30)
29. Jesuits Exposure & April 27th Anouncement (30:31)
30. American Spring & Non Violent Mass Movements (32:45)
31. Muslim Brotherhood & 528 Members Being Condemned (34:00)
32. Obama Being Compromised due to Death Threads (35:50)
33. Galactics Contact with Different Presidents (37:40)
34. World’s Political Changes & Purification (38:20)
35. Isreal Positive Vs Negative Factions & Embassies (38:40)
36. The Two Points of Pressure on the Cabal (39:50)
37. Anonymous & Information Leaks(40:40)
38. Ukraine, Europe, USA, Russia (42:30)
39. UFO Hovering above Ukraine Was an ET Ship (43:05)
40. Cabal Has NO Advanced UFO Technology Anymore (43:30)
41. TTIP (44:00)
42. Erdogan’s Leaked Conversations Were True (44:30)
43. Privacy in Digital World, Joke of the Year (46:00)
44. Increase in Volcano Activity Is Not Drastic (48:00)
45. Excitement Will Rise as Things Start to Happen (50:00)
46. Fulfords Comments Cobra’s Activity (50:30)
47. Malaysian Plane Distraction (52:00)
48. Channelers and Information Coming from Archons (52:30)
49. Information from “Ascended Masters” Not Really Valid (53:40)
50. Revaluation and CIA Disinformation Ordred by Jesuits (54:45)
51. Planet Cleansing Process Clasified until April 21st (55:40)
52. Sociopaths, Beings Who Lost Connection with Soul (57:00)
53. Dark Ones Will Have to Pay their Dues (57:50)
54. Concept of Karma is an Archon’s Creation (58:00)
55. Jehovah Was an Entity Controlling Archon Technology (59:00)
56. Resistance Progress Cracking Negative Technology (59:30)
57. Chemtrails (59:50)
58. Project Blue Beam Being Neutralized For Good (1:00:00)
59. Eastern Countris of Europe & Eastern Alliance (1:00:30)
60. Healing in Light Chambers in Time of Egypt (1:01:50)
61. Every Human Will Restore his/her Lightbody (1:02:30)
62. Transformation of Consciousness & THE EVENT (1:03:00)
63. How Stratospheric Baloons Crack the Matrix (1:04:00)
64. Courtney Brown & Remote Viewing(1:05:50)
65. 37 Pyramids in Crimea Region (1:06:00)
66. Band of Peace, Pyramids & Ascension Process (1:06:30)
67. UFO Under Giza (1:07:00)
68. Bigfoot is For Real & His Relationship to Man (1:07:00)
69. Facebook & Deep Face Program (1:08:00)
70. GMO with Synthetic Biology (1:10:00)
71. Archons One and the Same with the Anunaki (1:10:30)
72. Sophia and her Gift to Humanity – Imagination (1:10:50)
73. Fulford’s Link of Cooperation with Cobra (1:11:30)
74. Success of Recent Activations in Japan & Taiwan (1:11:50)
75. No Apparent Danger Due to Tsunamis (1.12:00)
76. Diego Garcia’s Base Deep Secrets (1:12:30)
77. Fee Energy Overunity Generators Breakthrough (1:14:00)

Audio here:http://vimeo.com/91775862

Alexandra – Hello everyone. This is Alexandra Meadors fromwww.GalacticConnection.com and Today is April 8, 2014. We have a very exciting radio program for you today and actually it is multi-layered. We have Cobra as our guest to review the anticipated events that occurred in the month of March, as well as we have a little bit of a round table afterward to review a Call to All the Ground Crew. It is a clarion call that we need to gather and we need to unify our creations in this up and coming Grand Cardinal Cross, if any of you have been reading the abundance of articles on this historical time period.

Keep in mind that this is a very important fork in the road for us, to balance all those inner polarities within ourselves. We have the Ground Cross representing the 4 basic astrological perspective and you could also review that as the 4 lower bodies, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. You can also apply the 4 elements of fire, water, earth, and air. All of this is giving us an indication that it is now up to us to take this phenomenal opportunity in this opening to balance those 4 realms within ourselves. This is a wonderful time for us to bring Heaven on Earth, which is essentially saying that we are bringing our spirit and matter in union in a perfect marriage. We are Divine Beings and if you look up the word “divine’ it states “of, from, or like God. And it is time for us to step back into divinity, and our true divine blueprint. Each of us carries codes which unlock the mysteries and that way we remember why we were incarnated onto Mother Earth to begin with.

I would also like to remind everybody how phenomenal this month of March is. You have everything from the presentation of the cigar shape UFO over the Ukraine, which revealed it’s association to the Sky Dreadnought, supposedly of very advanced military weaponry. You have the mysterious disappearance of the aircraft MH370 which has been proven to possibly related to the CIA hijacking. You have the prosecution of Pope Francis, the Vatican, the Jesuits, and The Church of England receiving a public summons regarding child trafficking, pedophilia, and criminal conspiracy. You have the breakaway of many many nations and movements across the world such as that of Spain with Catalonia. You have the bank runs that were reported and scattered among various Eastern European countries and China, and you have Russia’s announcement to launch their own payment system so that they could break away from the shackles of the US impeding their sanctions. I mean, there are so many variables and so many clear indications that this matrix is truly dismantling, so let’s go ahead and get started with Cobra today and see what he has to say about reviewing the events for March.

Alexandra – So, Cobra, here’s my question to you today. It looks as if the astrological setup has phenomenally played a major role in the changes on the planet. A lot of us would like to hear, since you have a very strong background in astrology apparently, what is your perspective on The Cardinal Cross in Pluto, Mars and Uranus. How is that affecting the unfolding of the new society now?

Cobra – This is a very challenging and very interesting moment which has great potential. It is actually the most tense moment in the last 2 decades and at the same time this moment has great potential because all of this tension a new society can be born. So it is a period when we have to be very careful of our actions at the same time this is a period when we can make the deepest, long lasting decision in our personal lives and also globally to influence the planetary situation.

Alexandra – Sounds good. How does the blood moon fit into that whole spectrum?

Cobra – I am describing a little bit already about this new portal, this new window and this portal that is opening. I will describe this in detail in my blogpost very soon. You might say that within this is a window of opportunity is a more powerful portal opening on the first blood moon. There is a more powerful portal opening on the first blood moon which is happening, should be very soon, within the next few days, on the 15th of April depending on your time zone.

Alexandra – Yes. It seems that all indicators are revealing that this spring equinox is the major role-out for bringing forth this new paradigm, would you agree with that?

Cobra – Actually the spring equinox was the beginning of this window of opportunity I’m speaking about. This window of opportunity has actually opened on the spring equinox and closes on May 17. This time period of those 2 months is the key experience during which many things can happen.

Alexandra – This is truly a time where we’re going to alter history one way or the other.

Cobra – Exactly.

Alexandra – Definitely. Now what about the lunar eclipse? What is it through the eyes of a ground crew member, what is it that we need to be cognizant of during this time frame?. There’s a lot of potentiality for war and eruptions of emotionality. What is your comment on that?

Cobra – Yes, I would agree that there is a lot of possibilities for attention, but I would not focus too much on this. I would focus more on the opportunities now.

Alexandra – How does this whole blood moon and sort of thing, how does that. . . .

Cobra – It is not actually a blood moon. It’s just a name that’s not a very good description of what is going to happen.

Alexandra – Interesting, because that is all over the place.

Cobra – Yes I know, it’s not a very good description of the moon which I would say is a normal lunar eclipse but at the same time this lunar eclipse will fall on very important Jewish festival.

Alexandra – Yea, you beat me to that. Tell me a little bit about that. Hasn’t it been a long time since we’ve had anything like this happen time wise?

Cobra – This information has in 1996 when there was this 7 day Israeli war and now it’s happening again. It does not mean that this war will repeat itself, but there will be a certain purification of the Cabal in Israel that will take place and has already for some weeks. Perhaps you know that embassies were closed for some time.

Alexandra – Yes, that’s another one of my questions for you. Just to stay on the topic of where I’m at, can you go over a little bit of alchemically what is going on with us, our bodies, at this particular time because of the purification process and the compression being so intense right now?

Cobra – There is actually a lot of energetic pressure on the physical bodies. More than you’ve ever experienced. This has two very interesting tendencies. The first tendency that we have, is the compression in our cell memory. All of our past lifetimes, there is a signature in our physical body in the cells of our physical body and this all needs to be purify. Part of this is purifying quite easily. Part of this can manifest on the physical plane in strange physical symptoms. Sometimes it is really not very pleasant. Thats part of the process. The 2nd aspect is the vibration frequency of our physical bodies is raising at the same time as very different compression taking place. On a subatomic level, there are very strong forces acting upon our physical bodies right now. Something we have not, never experienced before on this planet. So you might have strange sensations in the body in the physical bodies adjust to this new reality and sometimes it is not that easy.

Alexandra – Well do you agree that we are actually at that phase of the birth process of the final push?

Cobra – Well we have been in that space for some time but that exact moment of that breakthrough is hard to determine because there are so many factors involved. Alexandra – So let me rephrase that, do you agree that we’re crowning? Cobra – Yes, in a way yes.

Alexandra -We are that close.  You agree we are that close right?

Cobra – We are very close but again, this is free will universe. I can not give you any guarantees that the breakthrough will happen inside this window of opportunity. Although it is quite possible, but I can not give any directives.

Alexandra – What do you think about this. I read this and thought it was very intriguing. They were saying that disclosure is really all about us,  the way we change the way we perceive things. It’s not necessarily outside external force or announcement from the government about the ET’s. What is your comment on that?

Cobra – I would not agree with that. Disclosure is an act of disclosing information which was classified before. That classified information can change the paradigm of humanity. The only thing thatis true is the disclosure process is very well connected to the inner changers. When a critical mass of human beings make the inner change, it is much easier for disclosure to happen.

Alexandra – OK Now Cobra, you kind of dropped a bomb for a lot of people on the liberation blog. You were quoted as saying that “It is about time the illusion of the all powerful Source is shattered forever. The Source is not all powerful within the framework of limited space time continuum. The Source did not create darkness . Suffering is NOT a meaningful part of a of soul growth aberration. Darkness is not needed to be aware of the Light”. A lot of people have written in asking “are we basically, has source been outsmarted? “

Cobra – No, the Source has not been outsmarted, but as I have stated, there is so much false understanding of the role of the Source in the whole process. The Source did not create darkness. Darkness was, I would say spontaneously the station of a random function which existed as a quantum potentiality and that quantum potentiality made manifest when free will beings decided to use it and exploit and explore it. (hmmm) so Evil was a result of free will interacting with that darkness. That has nothing to do with the source. The source did not have absolute power over that potentiality and that free will and within the space/time continuum so it takes time to absorb and transform that darkness and evil into light once again. The source is not all powerful and omnipotent in space/time continuum as you can see in everyday life.

Alexandra – OK.

Cobra – This is one of the basic factors that people are in complete denial of. This is the one of the lowest denied access of human existence.

Alexandra – You’ve certainly stirred up a lot of contemplation about it. I commend you for that. Now, what is your feeling how some of the channelers out there, some of the main channelers have given the announcement that they will no longer be giving any channelings after April 15?

Cobra – Some channelers did that but not many of them. That is actually a good thing because most channelers are not genuine. They are not representing and accessing the true wisdom of the Ascended Masters, so that’s actually a good things.

Alexandra – Good. There is a ton, literally a ton of stuff to cover today, so hopefully you will forgive me if I go over the exact 60 min here. People are chomping at the bit to hear your feedback as well as the questions that will be asked. There’s been some significant changes Cobra, as you know, in the month of March with the financial system. I would like to ask you first and foremost, when I was up on the FDIC webpage I noticed that there were very long lists of not only failed banks, but that these failed banks had been acquired on the day of March 21? Can you give me any feed back on that?

Cobra – I would just say that with the financial changes that are happening right now are a continuation of the same plan and the same process is a natural plan of the light forces making great progress in clearing the cabal and loosing the cornerstones of the cabal’s financial system. That’s just a reflection of the same process. As you know on March 21st,  it was a trigger for the Fed Reserve to start loosing it’s power and this affects banks all over the planet.

Alexandra – OK, that’s what i was going to ask you next. Is it true that the BIS released the funds on the 7th.

Cobra – No, it is not true.

Alexandra – Is it true that the TRN’s are released?

Cobra – No, it is not true.

Alexandra – So we are still at the point of being with the petrol dollar.

Cobra – Yes of course, if you go to the grocery store you still pay with fed reserve notes and everything is the same. When there is a release your life will change drastically.

Alexandra – I mean behind the scenes obviously.

Cobra – The change will propagate instantly because it is an online system. When everything is agreed upon and everything is ready and the re-set happens, it will be instantaneous. It will not happen exactly the way those so called Agarthans are saying. It will happen instantly. I have described the process many times over.

Alexandra – Yes, you have many times. Do you also agree that there have been multiple tests on the new financial system that is getting ready for this roll-out. Is that correct? Have they been kind of systemically rolled out but they haven’t been successful or are they ready to roll?

Cobra – There were different layers of tests. The first layer was the Resistance Movement testing their own part which was happening almost 3 years ago that was successful. There was after that the Eastern Alliance and others, there’s been other tests and they are continuing over there and some have been instantly successful. But the process is not completely completed. Not completely .

Alexandra – It feels like there have been some major energetic shifts in the last 5 days. Has there been some sort of major victory in bringing down some of the Archontic network?

Cobra – Actually there was a major victory just today.

Alexandra – I can feel it. It’s incredible.

Cobra – Another one is coming on April 11th Alexandra – April 11th. Did you hear there was supposed to be some sort of announcement yesterday? That kind of came and went. Do you know anything about that?

Cobra – Actually there were supposed to be announcements every few days, but they will not happen until the time is right. I can say now that there are no announcements planned for April 15th.

Alexandra – OK.

Cobra – And The Event is not planned for April 15th.

Alexandra – OK.  Cobra what would be your response if someone came up to you and said “hey, listen, this is great they’ve got this new humanitarian funding projects through the BRICS nations and there’s going to be a new financial system, that’s great, but we’re all still treated and working within the controllers of the money. What would be your response be to that?

Cobra – Actually you are hearing about something that is being prepared and is becoming in process of manifestation. It is not manifested yet. I would say for people not to make their lives dependent on this process. Live as if you are living at this moment use your talents. Follow your own guidance. Use your own talents. Stay in your balance. Do not Make yourself dependent on the new financial system. No one knows exactly when or how. How it exactly you will come together and exactly how you are going to get it. The general process is known but the exact details are not known. It depends on the situation at the moment.

Alexandra – That’s a good point. so, OK so you’re saying NO to the new gold backed currency.

Cobra – There will be a new gold backed currency as I’ve described many times. It will be part of the basket of current currencies for a traditional period.

Alexandra – OK hmmm. Now what about the Sino signature of the Bonds, did you see that? That went down, I believe in Indonesia.

Cobra – OK, I would say that all those news about , actually all those types of events are not reflecting the true nature of the collateral accounts. Negotiations about the collateral accounts are taking place right now and are not completed.

Alexandra – OK. Cobra – So people have created stories of how it’s supposed to be and when and who. The signatories of the account and this is all nonsense. The exact process is being negotiated right now. The exact procedures and protocol how this money will be distributed among humanity. This is intended for humanity and not any specific group. and the Resistance Movement is overseeing deposits and will not tolerate any selfish delineation from the plan, I’ll put it this way.

Alexandra – I can imagine with the amount of preparation that has gone into it. Does this also mean the IRS is not defunct and is still operating and is still a viable agency at this time?

Cobra – Of course. It’s operating and collecting money and money is being transferred to the cabal, to the Rothschilds, and to the Vatican, the Jesuits.

Alexandra – The next question is it true that the Fed reserve Bank is still running?

Cobra – Yes, of course.

Alexandra – These are all the types of things that are floating around out there from people , the internet viewers that are considered to be fairly reliable sources.

Cobra- People need to use their common sense. Make a phone call to the bank and confirm.

Alexandra – It’s not as easy as that Cobra. This is going on behind the scenes before the roll-out or before the shift over to the new system.

Cobra – I would not agree as I’ve said before, the actual re-set will not happen this way. All the institutions of the cabal will be working until the moment of the reset. The reset will happen when the International banking system will be activated. At that moment these institutions will be shut down. They will not be able to transfer money.

Alexandra – That instantaneously , that seamless?

Cobra – Yes – from the moment it happens it will be a chain reaction that will take a maximum of a few minutes and all the banks will be shut down and the central banks will not be able to execute transactions of course. The same with the big financial institutions on the planet. This is as far as it’s going to happen. Of course all the major cabal institutions will continue to operate until that moment, even behind the scenes.

Alexandra – Don’t you feel that some of the changes, the drastic changes with Russia not participating with the same financial system for example, or the fact that the petrol dollar has a lot less significance in the exchange of oil. Aren’t these pieces of the puzzle to demonstrate that our system is coming to an end?

Cobra – These are actually very important part of the same process of the re-set financial system because before the actual re-set happens, an alternative structures needs to be created. The structure includes the Eastern Alliance and the major countries and the major financial infrastructures like development banks and transaction system that is different from  SWIFT , A different kind of infrastructure that will not involve petrol dollar and there are many things connecting to the end the petrol dollar. I will release Certain intel about this very soon and people will understand more of what is happening behind the scenes. The end of petrol dollar is a process which is happening which is accelerating now and will culminate in the reset of the financial system.

Alexandra – I noticed the other day, I read that the Saudi’s are considered yesterday’s news for oil because their access capacity is very minimal and .

Cobra – This is a bit of an exaggeration but it is true that their power is diminishing

Alexandra – The Saudi’s have always been in the pocket of the US Correct?

Cobra – True until very recently now they are starting to align with the Eastern Alliance because they have realized the Cabal is loosing their power.

Alexandra – So what do you feel is the reason for the big boom in Nigeria for example? There’s been quite a bit of activity coming out of there. Why are they in such a huge growth? Their GDP has been increasing as well as their oil production?

Cobra – It’s happening in many countries because many countries are receiving fresh investment, basically from China and some from other countries of the Eastern Alliance. On certain levels there is a war between China and US. economically in many of those countries taking place.

Alexandra – Wow. Now getting back to the roll-out, the seamless, instantaneously new monetary system. Is it true that NESARA has stipulated that at a particular time, each individual person within a household will be receiving $2000. Is that true?

Cobra – It will be much more than $2,000.

Alexandra – I just meant through the shift. Let’s say that everything gets shut down.

Cobra – I understand. There is a plan for certain vouchers to be issued and it will be somewhat between 1-2 thousand dollars.

Alexandra – There was an audio of a blog-talk radio interview of an elderly woman who claimed that they came to her door and asking for a head-count. On the east coast states of the US. And they happened to say to her, “We’re responsible for getting the head count because things are about to unfold.” Do you agree with that?

Cobra – Yes, I have received that intel from some people. There was a test run taking place in that area, but this was just a small segment of the population. It will not happen before the event.

Alexandra – Right. So Cobra, how about the actual distribution of the money? There’s so much conflict of information as to how they are going to determine that. Is it true, because I’ve seen information from the Ascended Masters, is it true that those working very diligently for the planet, through humanitarian causes, will they be receiving pay-outs before others?

Cobra – Actually, after the event, some of the money will be distributed quite fast.  Some people who have been very very dedicated will receive some amount of money from the St. Germain trust. Money will be available in 3 weeks after The Event.

Alexandra – OK. And what is your take on the House Bill 2847 – this is the one with higher incentives to restore employment. It causes anyone who invests in foreign banks to file a 1099. They say this is a big deal and it will go down in June. What is your take on that?

Cobra – If it happens, it can trigger some changes in that area. It hasn’t been approved yet. But we will see what happens in the next few months.

Alexandra – OK. I also wanted to bring this up. Govt. agencies throughout the US on Fed and State levels are investing fake high frequency traders or war to stop by the Fed. The President and the Secretary of State have surrendered to the following nations: Russia, China, Palestine Authority, Syria, Iran and Afghanistan. What do you think of that?

Cobra – High frequency trading is something that is happening for quite some time. The bank loan of the cabals way to earn more money. Of course there’s I would say behind the scene an alliance of key traders in that area protecting each other.

Alexandra – OK. I’m sure you heard about Flexcoin – one of Bitcoin’s first banks. They shut their doors. It says they were hacked and then they were robbed. It was a big fiasco. Who was behind that?

Cobra – NSA

Alexandra – Really? interesting, interesting. OK.

Cobra – You need to understand that there are good guys and bad guys in the NSA. They are both following their own plans and and the good guys are trying to do good things and the bad guys are trying to ruin the plans of the good guys.

Alexandra – No I would imagine that this is an all time high right now?

Cobra – Not yet. (really?) Much more is coming.

Alexandra – You had stated at your conference back in 2012 that the most powerful man in the conspiracy over the world is Pepe Orsini? Right?

Cobra – He was at that time, but not any more.

Alexandra – Ah ha. And one of the comments I wanted to ask you about, you mentioned that he was actually the grey pope. When I did a little digging on the blood lines and the secret history of the Jesuit Order It was very interesting, I found the grey, white and black pope. Can you give us info on that and what that means? Whats the importance of that?

Cobra – The white pope is the pope which is publicly known. The pope everybody sees when they’re watching TV from Vatican. The black pope is the hat of the Jesuits. The grey pope is the hat from the Black Nobility families, the Archons. I have an interesting situation. The black pope and the white person is the same person – Pope Francis, head of the Jesuits. Now we have 2 persons which are working in this Triad. It’s a very interesting energetic situation that has never happened before.

Alexandra – For them to have the same person playing both of those roles, what do you feel is their agenda?

Cobra – Actually they are desperate. Jesuits prefer working behind the scenes. They only get public when they can not achieve their goals behind the scenes. That’s why they have their own person as a pope. It was their last desperate move for the Jesuits. Now everybody’s talking about Jesuits. Nobody was talking about Jesuits. Everybody is now talking about exposing them.

Alexandra – That’s a really good point. They actually came out to say they have a big announcement on April 27th. (We’ll see what happens) This was something to do with the UFO’s.

Cobra – We will see what happens if this goes as planned.

Alexandra – So I’m sure you’re aware of Operation American Spring ?(yes). and a Cornell Reiley? (yes) They’re doing the kick-off on May 16th and many people are complaining that if they carry this out it could end up in absolute totally violence. What I wanted to ask was, what do you feel about that? Do you think the Positive Military is behind this? And if one wanted to initiate a movement, is this the best way to go about it?

Cobra – There is a certain difference between US and other countries. Movements like this has been very successful in other countries. Movements like this can be very successful if they are absolutely non-violent and enough people join, so they need this 2. Follow close to principles in the spring it will be a big success. There needs to be a mass of people. Not just 2000 people. There needs to be millions of people – hundreds of thousands and they need to be non-violent. (yea) And remain that way in the face of opposition and keep their message strong in that principle of opposition because opposition will be strong. mass media will be strong if the event doesn’t happen by them. If people really get the masses and the message is strong at the moment that could be a breakthrough for the US.

Alexandra – What is the real reason and agenda behind the 528 people being condemned to death in Egypt?

Cobra – I would say the Positive Military is clearing the country of the Muslim Brotherhood. Those people are still alive. It’s a liberal process. Many of those people are actually are the top members of the Muslim Brotherhood and they have done many bad, very bad things.

Alexandra – There’s over 200 being, not assassinated, being sentenced to death in North Korea, is that correct?

Cobra – No. Korea is a completely different situation because No. Korea was completely isolated from the rest of the world and there is internal struggle between 2 factions taking place right now and not one of them are what I would describe as light forces. It is a struggle taking place there.

Alexandra – Now, Cobra, please clarify for all of us because there is a lot of discontent between say, the conspiracy person vs. the spiritual person about Obama’s role and there has been some intel that states that 14 members of Congress have been plotting to Kill Barack and his family since his inauguration. Can you comment on that and tell us what you think?

Cobra – I have answered this question already. Obama was incarnated to the light forces but he has been compromised during his mission. He’s controlled to the point that he’s is no longer operating as a part of the tam. There have been many conspiracies to kill him. Different interest groups, not just one.

Alexandra – Are you saying he’s been compromised because he’s been so threatened?

Cobra – Yes, exactly. He’s been threatened and his family has been threatened. So he is no longer following the plan of the Light Forces.

Alexandra -OK what do you think is the true reasoning behind Kazakhstan prime minister Serik Akhmetov and his entire government resigning last Wednesday?

Cobra – This is the same reason actually that many countries because there’s a great internal change happening. Many political forces, many countries are aware of the coming changes. Sometimes certain governments resign just to save their lives or save a little bit of what they have to surrender, because now other forces are getting more strength. More positive forces are getting strength in the political parties of many countries right now.

Alexandra – That leads me to another question. I remember reading back when especially when you consider the story of Valiant Thor, is it true that there are Galactics that are visiting these heads of states and countries on a regular basis, trying to convince them to sway in a more positive light way?

Cobra – I will say there were many contacts with the heads of state in the last 50-60 years, but they have not been very productive, because in most cases there are presidents are just public figures of the Military Industrial Complex, or the cabal in most countries.

Alexandra – I was thinking maybe that is one of the reason there has been a massive push in China doing a lot of busts and arrests and I thought that was maybe related to that.

Cobra – Actually in China there is the same purification process I was talking about. The most positive oriented political forces are gaining power and are clearing the more negative factions. The same process is happening in China, in Egypt, and in many other countries.

Alexandra – And this is a good thing, correct? (yes) What is your intel on your closing of the embassies in Israel, all the Israeli embassies and the fact that there is some sort of threat regarding nuclear bombs?

Cobra – There were threats which were empty threats, never the less people were receiving them considered them as real. In Israel it is the same process happening, internal struggle between the positive and negative factions. This struggle in Israel is a little more intense and potentially violent. The negative faction has been issuing threats. The positive faction has been striking back you might say. There is an underground war going on between those 2 factions. The closing of the embassies is a reflection of that war.

Alexandra – I thought that had to be something very big for them to do every embassy.

Cobra – Yes, and this will continue and will escalate in the next few weeks. There might be something in the news.

Alexandra – Now Cobra you had written a while back that there were 2 points of pressure placed on the Cabal. The first one was accomplished with the release of free energy. What would be the second one?

Cobra – The 2nd would be disclosure – information about ET contact. Alexandra – Don’t you kind of feel that we’re in the midst of that? Aren’t we within soft disclosure timeframe at this point? (Yes, some, needs to get more intense) They’ve been dropping some bombs. Really dropping some information. What about the Anonymous thing – they hacked into the email from a U.S. Army Attache in the Ukraine and they were able to prove that the US had been framing Russia and causing all of this military and all of the Issues going on in the Ukraine, Crimea. How do you feel this is playing out at this point? That seems this was the line that was drawn in the sand between Russia and US, is that correct?

Cobra – It’s just the logical next step in the same process. Information about similar things were leaking in the next month or so, but in many countries. It’s just a continuation of the same process. It’s obvious that for every person with an understanding of the global situation what is happening in Ukraine between US & Russia. It is becoming more common knowledge. With more evidence. Which is good.

Alexandra – I found this very interesting. Baltic’s, Poland’s, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria along with 20 other NATO members are signatories of the Washington Treaty. Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia are not. It says “this was one of the key factors as to why Russia has been defending the Crimea.” Can you comment a little bit on that? It seems to me that none of us don’t really understand that.

Cobra – I would say that it’s a natural divide between Europe and Russia Terrorist Cobra – I would say it’s a natural divide. This natural divide is across Ukraine and Russia actually gets east of Ukraine and the West get the western countries and Europe gets the west of Ukraine. Its a part of a natural process which has been manipulated politically and of course this back-fired on the Cabal.

Alexandra – Big time. Is it true that this whole situation with the UFO appearing above the Ukraine and the Crimea, was it truly an Arcturian ship or was that of the military?

Cobra – It was an ET ship.

Alexandra – Do you agree with the Sky Dreadnaught technology and the fact that they were kind of trying to show the cabal that their technology would wipe out any anything highly developed technology in a split second?

Cobra – The cabal does not have any advanced UFO type technology any more.

Alexandra – OK. Good. Now do you also agree that they TTIP and the negotiations with Iran to end nuclear ambitions is a game changer? Are those 2 things that The Resistance are really watching to see what goes down?

Cobra – Well the situation in Iran has been resolved actually last year to the point that it will not cause major trouble any more.

Alexandra – Excellent. What about TTIPP – Trans Atlantic Trade Partnership?

Cobra – This is more difficult because it has not resolved itself yet. Certain people in key positions that are working for the light which will try to resolve the whole process in the next few months.

Alexandra – Good – Now I’m sure you are aware of the supposed leaked recording on a phone conversation from the Turkish government. Apparently they were revealing a false flag terror attack. Now there are other people out there that it was spliced together and not legitimate. What kind of information do you have on that, as far as is it real? What implications is it going to cause?

Cobra – Well, a lot of information has been leaked about the Turkish government and most of this is true.

Alexandra – OK How is that impacting the relations with the rest of the world? Has that affected Turkey a great deal with their European alliances?

Cobra – They have known those things before they were be made public. It does not affect behind the scene and political alliances. But it does affect the public image of Turkey to a certain degree.

Alexandra – That was another question I had. You know Cobra, there’s a lot of stuff out there saying that there’s a lot of behind the scenes hiding, so to speak going on amongst the countries because of all the NSA documents that have been released because of Snowden. My question to you, if they’re all aware that every one of them has been spied on, what are they doing to protect themselves to remain more private?

Cobra – It’s actually more impossible to completely protect your privacy in this digital age. It’s not just an NSA. There are other nations and transnational agencies spying on people. Nobody’s actually safe to completely be able to be protect their privacy. (OK) You don’t need to care about that if you don’t have anything to hide in the way of worrying about somebody’s spying on what you have to say.

Alexandra – I was thinking more in terms of the countries themselves. How are they getting around it since the part of the system that they themselves supported?

Cobra – They are actually not able to get around it. (yea) Sometimes they use this fact for negotiations one way or the other. It happens a lot.

Alexandra – Did you hear about the US Air Force conducting an long range mission exercise? It was 2 B-52 and they flew around in Missouri non-stop for 20 hrs covering 8,000 miles from the home stations. Apparently doing ordinances in targets located inside Hawaii.  Do you have info on that to why that was going down?

Cobra – Things like this happens quite often. Nothing extraordinary.

Alexandra – OK. What is your opinion about 75% of all the volcano’s in the world are going off in the ring of fire? Do you feel that the actual tectonic plates are being reset?

Cobra – I would not agree with that information that 75% of the volcano’s are going off. I would not agree.

Alexandra – They’re saying that they’re actually going off within hours of one another? Was this something that was caused by the Cabal, by HAARP ?

Cobra – I would not agree with that information at all.

Alexandra – You don’t think there’s a whole lot of volcano’s going off right now?

Cobra – There is an increase, but it’s not drastic.

Alexandra – hmmm. Now it has been stated that Diane Feinstein actually came out and made the accusation that the CIA broke the law by engaging in torture and hacking into the Senate Intelligence Committee’s computers. Stating that this was a major game changer What would be your perspective on that?

Cobra – It would tend to be a wake-up call for a certain amount of people that still believe in regulatory function of that corporation.

Alexandra – Are you, from the standing of working with The Resistance. Are you starting to see clearly the boundary lines between those that are going to support the light and those that aren’t. I remember a time when you and I were talking months and months ago. There were so many different factions. Do you feel the number of factions now is lessening?

Cobra- There is a little more clarity, but still many people are undecided.

Alexandra – Wow. It’s interesting to talk to you because the momentum and the feeling out on the Internet is so exciting and it feels like the change is literally any second and yet what I’m hearing from you is that there is still quite a bit more to go.

Cobra – You see where things really begin to happen which is much much more exciting it won’t just be a theory on the interest.  (it will be an announcement) It’s already happening. You see on the certain progress being made but we are not there yet. Were not yet at this moment that the breakthrough is happening right now.

Alexandra – OK. Now I want to go back to some of the comments you had made and I thought it was fascinating in the last 2 weeks, the Fulford Newsletter had commented about the Cobra Resistance a great deal. I wanted to ask you if you could tell us what type of victory you felt you achieved when you went overseas and you met with the White dragon Society?

Cobra – Actually I was making contacts with 3 different Dragon groups and I would say that there were certain negotiations taking place and there was a resolve of certain of those thoughts as a game changer. Certain agreements are made that will change the geopolitical structure on this planet in the future – that’s for sure. I can not say when or how. I can say that is the game on this planet will change.

Alexandra – Interesting. You also said that the Malaysia disappearance of the plane had a lot to do with releasing the patents and advanced military technologies. That was actually a conflict between the US and China. Because everybody is so done with the Malaysian stuff. It continues to pop up and more and more theories as to what happened.

Cobra – I would say that this is another distraction – the story about the Malaysia plane is a typical distraction. People are so obsessed with this plane. (yes) I would just suggest to divert their attention to something else.

Alexandra – Do you feel the conflict between the US and China about the technology, is this all to do with free energy and who’s going to control it and roll it out to the people?

Cobra – No no this has more to do with military technologies which are quite advanced but in a different direction.

Alexandra – OK. Cool. You were also talking about zero ET involvement as a whole scenario. You are real adamant about that. How do you explain so many people’s commentaries, including channelers, I know you don’t have that high of an option of that. Every single one of them is receiving information that it is involving ET contact?

Cobra – Because this information is coming from the Archon’s of the Etheric Plane.

Alexandra – Why now is everyone, all the channelers are getting the same information?

Cobra – Because it’s coming from the same source.

Alexandra – I don’t know. It seems like they’ve upped their technology capabilities.

Cobra – This is not the first time this has happened. If you read this channeled material, when certain information comes out – it comes out through every channel at the same time. It happens a lot. and there are very few really good channels on this planet. I’m not against channeling per se, but I would like people that are channeling give themselves a little more training, respect their channeling skills before going public. People speaking in the name of the Ascended Masters – that is not a good idea, that could be public ideas. The Ascended Masters are not saying the same thing as the channelers are saying.

Alexandra – How do you explain all of the intel through the financial channels, these are some very reputable channels, by the way. They’re not at all on the same page as far as what you’re sharing with us. Are they completely compromised?

Cobra – You need to be more specific.

Alexandra – Well, for example there’s tons of information out there about the new TRN’s.

Cobra – OK (hesitation). I will not comment on specifics, but I will just say that in this community about the RV, there was a lot of disinformation being spread by CIA agents which were from the order of the Jesuits.

Alexandra – Hmmm. Interesting

Cobra – People need to use their discernment in the whole process. (right) tThere is a lot of information that is true but there is a lot of disinformation coming out. I said a month or two ago that information wars are happening right now. A lot of good intel and a lot of dis-info. People will need to use their discernment A LOT.

Alexandra – Onto a different topic – can you go over the cleansing of the planet? Let’s say The Event occurs and then we receive the assistance from the Galactic Brotherhood. Do you agree that we will be beamed up on ships temporarily while they purify the planet?

Cobra – I will not speak about this part of the plan before the opening of the portal on Apr 21st. (ON April 21st?)  Yes, a certain portal will open then I can speak about certain things, not before.

Alexandra – Have you ever heard of this guy Dr. Joseph Sheppalone? (No) He is a contactee and a doctor who put out information on his perception of the demons that are pretty much running ram shot on the planet. He is saying that 84% of people on the planet are possessed by a demon, but main thing I wanted to ask you about was he says there are 2 other classes of people that are robotic in nature. 640 Million people he puts in the category of soulless. What is your comment on that?

Cobra – Hmmm he’s actually speaking about certain sociopaths, which have lost their connection with their soul. They’re not actually robots but like people who have lost contact with their feeling nature. Through feeling nature they can get in contact with their soul family. People have shut down their emotional nature where they have last that contact.

Alexandra – Wow, that is so sad. He also states that The Dark will have to pay their dues. It’s not going to be just a second death. Can you comment on that?

Cobra – They will have to balance the consequence of their actions – balance and deal with that one way or the other.

Alexandra – Are you agreeing that Karma does still exist or are we just kind of releasing whatever we’ve accumulated in all of our lifetimes.

Cobra – Karma is a program of the Archons, so we are not there accumulating debt. As you can see the financial system works in the same way – it’s also the programming of the Archons and the karmic system’s the same. It’s an energy you might say. If you were accumulating that because you have been trained a certain system to behave in a certain way. When you get in contact with your true self you can release all that. Just release all that and no debt with anybody.

Alexandra – Thank you for that answer, so glad to hear you reiterate that. So this is a very interesting question, I can’t wait to hear what your response is. Is it possible that Jehovah is an actual malignant computer and it’s situated to control and cause fragmentation of the soul?

Cobra – It is not a computer. It is a certain, I would say entity that does not exist any more and that entity was controlling a certain portion of the etheric/astral technology and part of that technology was designed to fragment the soul.

Alexandra – Are we any more successful – is the resistance more successful in cracking some of the illusive technologies that they haven’t been able to track down in other dimensions?

Cobra – Yes they are.

Alexandra – Good to hear that. I know I bring this up every month but I get countless e-mails on it. I have noticed in the last 5 days a break in the chemtrails. Can you comment on any changes that have occurred on that end?

Cobra – There are fluctuations of chemtrails from time to time but the drastic improvements will only happen after the event or after the event.

Alexandra – OK. Now do you feel this announcement for April 27th to go back to that, that a possible Project Blue Beam with the Vatican?

Cobra – Project Bluebeam is not possible any more because we erased it from the surface of the planet so it will not happen.

Alexandra – There are people that just love you Cobra in the Eastern Countries of Europe and they would like you to share with them if there’s any victories that you could express that has occurred in that part of the world.

Cobra – I don’t see specific significant victories in that part of the world but that part of the world has a lot of presence in the Eastern Alliance. There are many representatives of the Eastern Alliance which are working on their missions, quietly behind the scenes, so they are no spectacular results but colossal changes behind the scenes which will result in great planetary liberation.

Alexandra – A lot of support comes from that location of the world doesn’t it?

Cobra – That part of the world is very, one of the key areas of the Eastern Alliances is unity.

Alexandra – That’s good.  Now you can also explain how the healing takes place in the light chambers and the crystal healing beds back in the time of Egypt. Can you explain how that worked?

Cobra – It depends on the time frame you are asking about because there are certain – after the fall of Atlantis – the old technology was being degraded time after time so the various first versions were actually star chambers that were able to back engineer the light body and restore the right frequency. But after some time that technology has been forgotten and the later versions were only able to increase the presence of light to a certain degree and not to restore the original light body completely.

Alexandra – Wow. and so do you still agree that each of us is going to have to go through that process?

Cobra – Yes.

Alexandra – That is directly correlated with the genetic messing with the genetics of the DNA?

Cobra – Actually the, according they are putting too much attention on the genetic make-up. What is more important is the transformation of consciousness. That transformation of consciousness will genetically automatically realign you.

Alexandra – Speaking of transformation of consciousness, can you give us an approximate idea of how much we have grown in that area?

Cobra – Actually the real process will just begin when The Event happens because with the conditions we have on this planet, the real expansion of consciousness will not come very easy. This will be accelerated drastically.

Alexandra – You don’t feel like there’s been a big shift say in the last 6 moths?

Cobra – Not really. There has been improvement. The real shift is much much more. When the real light comes to this planet it will be beyond what people have ever experienced right now.

Alexandra – Now Cobra a lot of people wanted to ask you about the stratospheric balloons. Many have asked, can you explain how they actually create a big crack in the matrix and a dent in the security firewall that the Archons created?

Cobra – Basically the stratospheric balloon goes beyond the veil. It goes beyond the reach of the Archon etheric network, so when you go beyond 8.6 miles of altitude, it goes beyond the reach of the Archons. They can’t influence it or control it. They can’t do anything about it. When it comes back, it brings back a vibration, a frequency, the energy, the polar signature of that free area, of that free liberated space. This creates a certain hyper dimensional worm hole which connects the surface of the planet with the liberated area and ignites a certain portion of the planet. This loosens the calcification of the matrix. It decreases the power of the etheric archontic tehcnology.

Alexandra – Wow. sweet. We should all be doing that. It doesn’t cost a lot of money right?

Cobra – It should be several hundred. Even $100.

Alexandra – OMG. we got to get on that. Do you have a link on your website on how to make that? Cobra – Yes – yes. when I posted my cobra beyond the veil, there is a main link that gives you instructions of how to do it. (http://space.1337arts.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/1337artsGuide.pdf)

Alexandra – OK we will get on that as well. Now Cobra you’re familiar with Coutney Brown and you’re familiar with the implication postings. He just released the final announcement to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt not only that remote viewing was not only provable but accurate. Part of it was exposing the activities on Mars. How do you think this is affecting our society today and the unfolding of this new paradigm we are going in?

Cobra – It is not a groundbreaking earth shattering announcement. It helps more people to become more aware of the reality of the remote viewing.

Alexandra – You’re so funny. Now can you also tell us the significance of the 37 pyramids on the Crimea peninsula. Are they plying a role in the Russia USA conflict?

Cobra – It’s a certain vortex area which is important but not crucial in this whole situation.

Alexandra – Tell us a little about the Band of Peace. You probably know about that. What is that about? Can you explain the importance of that. Will all the pyramids be lit up at one point where they will actually be providing energy to the entire planet?

Cobra – Not exactly what will happen is the pyramids will be once again tied into the matrix of light on the etheric plane and they will become again transmitters of light from the center of the galaxy.

Alexandra – Wow. OK. And that’s it? Cobra – That’s it. That’s enough. It’s a very important achievement. Assist the transformation of the planet in it’s, I would say ascension process.

Alexandra – Hmmm. And is it true that a UFO was found underneath the Giza and they determined it was Jesus Christ’s?

Cobra – I would not agree completely. There were certain things that were found there, but it was not exactly as you have described.

Alexandra – Do you feel that Big Foot exists?

Cobra – Yes.

Alexandra – What kind of relationship does the Big Foot have to man?

Cobra – It’s a kind of a sister or brother race.

Alexandra – So they’re not coming from UFO’s?

Cobra – No. I would say that race has been born on this planet and has been evolving on this planet for some time for quit for quite some time. Parallel to humanity.

Alexandra – OK, are you familiar with the Facebook’s announcement of the Deep Face Program? (no) They just made an announcement about the Deep Face Program where researchers can determine whether 2 photographed faces are of the same person within a 97.2 accuracy rate. It’s very much in alignment with wellaware1.com.

Cobra – That program is well known in th4e intelligence community.  This is now becoming public domain.  They’re using for face recognition programs for intelligence and surveillance cameras. That’s how technology is coming which can be used for good and not so good purposes.

Alexandra – Do you feel that a lot of the information that has been presented from the scientific perspective is actually showing that a lot of the players, the main players out there are actors?

Cobra – Yes, it’s true.

Alexandra – This whole thing is like a stage performance right?

Cobra – In certain aspects, yes.

Alexandra – My question is who is behind that?

Cobra – The cabal is using this to further their agenda for example in staging the false flag events and other operations.

Alexandra – But you know what i’m saying. Who is behind the good guys who are the actors, who we would consider to be the ones that are bringing forth some very positive changes?

Cobra – I’m not allowed to speak about it right now.

Alexandra – OK. I will not push that. Now, Cobra, not to make anybody fearful, but I would like to know if the Galactics are assisting us in these area. They have just raised a new form of GMO with a synthetic biology. Did you know about that, if so, is it as bad or worse than the existing GMO foods that we have right now?

Cobra – It’s worse and the Light Forces are doing many things to stop this as much as possible and eliminate this as much as possible.

Alexandra – Excellent. Do you agree that the Archons are one and the same with the ancient texts references to the Annunaki?

Cobra – Very similar. Yes, Some of them can be described as Archons and or described as high level beings.

Alexandra – I was watching this interview the other day and the biggest thing hit me.  That the most precious gift that Sophia gave us was imagination, so I thought that that would be a really good place for us to stress and specify to the Ground Crew to keep their imagination open of this amazing unfolding. Do you agree with that that is a huge part of this process of getting there sooner rather than later?

Cobra – Yes, I agree completely.

Alexandra – OK. That just hit me like a ton of bricks. So, with that said Cobra, I was blown away that there were so many comments made by Fulford. It sounds like you guys are working very closely together. Did you want to comment on that because a lot of other people noticed it too?

Cobra – I would just say there is a certain link-up cooperation that have been established and it as progressed nicely.

Alexandra – One last thing, can you tell us a little bit about your success of the last couple of activations?

Cobra – Both activations have been very successful. We have been able to activate those vortexes and trigger a big transformation of both countries, Japan and Taiwan.

Alexandra – Excellent. Do you feel we are in any kind of danger regarding any tsunami situations (NO, No, no) Really glad you put that out there. Is there any way Cobra, does it look like we have through the disappearance of the Malaysian plane, is there any possibility that it has brought light to that particular base and that’s related to HAARP? Is that correct?

Cobra – There are other things happening in the under sea base, not just there. There are many I would say, big secrets in those bases and I will review some of them soon. Alexandra – Cool. That’s going to be a positive, right?

Cobra – It will have positive effects. People are becoming more aware of this. There is much more to come. This is not the whole story yet far from it. There is much more.

Alexandra – Is there anything else you wanted to share today. I’m hoping that I’ve covered as much as we could in the short time we’ve had. Is there anything else you want to share as far as especially going through this window of opportunity and what you’d like us to focus on?

Cobra – People can read my blog in the next few weeks. I will be releasing certain intel and certain instructions for operations taking place and the opening of the portals and I can not say much now, but very soon I can release much more.

Alexandra – Terrific. With that said, in closing, is there anything else that you can share with us without endangering lives of those that are helping us phenomenally? As far as any other victories?

Cobra – There was a huge victory in development and production and distribution of overunity devices. That’s a significant thing.

Alexandra – That’s the QEG generators.

Cobra – Yes, and many other technologies of course.

Alexandra – Many people have asked me why it was called Overunity.

Cobra – Because it puts more energy out than you have to put in. This is the technical advice for the device that has more than 100% efficiency.

Alexandra – Awesome – well so are you feeling very up, upbeat about this window?

Cobra – Yes, it’s a big window of opportunity and many things are possible and has a great potential.

Alexandra – Alright – well with that said I just want to thank you for coming on and hopefully we’ll have some amazing, shocking news next month, right Cobra?

Cobra – Yes, maybe news will come. and I’d like to thank everybody for listening.

Alexandra – Thank you everyone. Take care Cobra. Thanks as usual for your time today.

Cobra – thank you and bye bye.

Alexandra – OK everyone, what we thought we’d do today is hold a small little round-table with a few of us to discuss the excitement that many of us feel at this time. This window of opportunity regarding the regarding the blood moons, all of the astrological implications of the grand cross, the Passover event, the Easter event. There’s so many interesting things going on right now.  We want to make sure the Ground Crew feels and realizes how important of a role they play at this time. Because truly we are guiding the rest of the planet through this transitional period. So I also wanted to make a few announcements before we dive into that and the first one is, I wanted to personally introduce my husband Steve. Everyone knows Steve (Hello everyone). He became infamous in his instantaneous addition slicing event. HE is no longer doing it. Tell us how long since you’ve had alcohol. (225 days) How long has it’s been since you’ve chewed any tobacco? (about 195 days or so). So we’re both still experiencing the incredibly profound of journey after the implant removal. For anyone who hasn’t gone through it, I highly recommend it. The second person I’d like to introduce is Okalani Jacob. She is our new manager of the GC team. (Yeah, Hello). . . . . to be continued….please continue listening to the audio at 1:17 (one hour and 17 minutes).



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