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20150124-25 Notes from Cobra’s Breakthrough Conference in Taiwan

8. 2. 2015


Cobra’s Breakthrough Conference in Taiwan - Cheryl’s Notes - January 24 – 25, 2015

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkcI-M1MlNI  Part 1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlG-Vs_E9IA Part 2



Breakthrough Conference
Jan 24-25, 2015
Taipei, Taiwan Conference Notes

by Cheryl Scott

Day One: January 24th

The following are extensive notes written as fast as my hands could fly at the transformative Breakthrough Conference with Cobra and the dedicated Light Workers of Taiwan.

“You must Unlearn What you have Learned”

Humans have been programed in many ways. 

The First Programming of humans involve our initial Soul Contract. Soul Contracts were signed with the Archons prior to our first lifetime.  Humans on Planet Earth have Free Will.  This original Soul Contract, which we signed with the Archons prior to our first incarnation, enabled the Archons to implant us and program humans inside our plasma energy field to prevent us from having any remembrance of The Light and previous incarnations.

That was the first layer of programing. The added layer of programing was inserted by the Archons before each present incarnation. These implants are inserted into our soul ~ into our Etheric Body.  This part of our programming was to prevent a baby from remembering earlier incarnations.  It is a very painful process prior to birth and this is one reason why babies cry when they are born.

The second layer of programming is through our parents and the instillation of their fears, belief systems etc.   On going layers of programming occur through the educational system, government propaganda, media programming, religious programming etc.

So now is the time to deprogram our selves.  We have entered the Breakthrough phase at the last IS:IS Portal Activation in December 2014.  Breakthrough Phase means intensity is increasing.  More Light presence and more reaction from the Other Side are increasing.

It is very important to remain centered.  If Archons trigger us by others or it is important to remain calm and not react.

The compression break through is not The Event itself, it means the Energy is accumulating and increasing for The Event to occur.  It is like we are in the middle of a hurricane.  We are to Keep Centered.  Keep Focused.  Do not get provoked.

This change on our planet is a Galactic Change.  It is very strong energy.

Cobra described and showed a photo of himself in a high speed space craft when he traveled beyond the Veil, high up beyond the stratosphere, This is important for the removal of the Chimera group who maintains Planet Earth’s quarantine status.

Cobra spoke of working with Direct Contact = Physical contact with positive E.T. races.  “We are working on this contact to happen hopefully before the Event.”

Break Through Phase

Explosion of Light

This planet has been isolated from The Light for last 25,000 years. People have forgotten the Reality of The Light.  As a result of this new light entering we are seeing many atmospheric changes.

Cobra showed examples of these multi-rainbow cloud formations and beautiful light displays above New Mexico and other locations on our planet.  These are all signs in the sky of the break through phase.

Comet Love Joy is the 3rd phenomenon.  Cobra displayed a photo of the Goddess of Love on the tail of Comet Love Joy, which signals to all on our planet the entrance of the Goddess on our planet.   She is now living in an undisclosed location in Asia.   Comet Love Joy. Comet Love Joy passed very close to the Pledians~ the tail passed through the Pleides~ infusing the energy of Love and Joy ~ amplified by the Plediean energy and started to heal the Plasma Plane (the plain between the Etheric and solid planes of our planet Earth.

The Plasma Plane is the Plane that has been manipulated by the Chimera group.  There is a lot of hidden negative technology on the Plasma Plane.

Comet Love Joy’s healing energy is passing through the Plasma Plane.

Last December the very important IS:IS Portal Activation in Egypt bringing Goddess Energy onto this planet, to lead us to the transformation.  When the Event happens we have to have intact infrastructure such as transportation systems for food and goods.  There are many people out there that want to bring harm to our infrastructure, as the Event draws near.  The Goddess-Feminine Energy will protect our planet’s infrastructure.

We have our local group of galaxies~ including the Milky Way, Andromedan Galaxy, and Triangular Galaxy which comprise The Local Group.  This Local Group was the only area of the Galaxies affected by Darkness.  Planet Earth was the last planet to be affected by Darkness. Planet Earth was the last planet to be affected by Darkness and Planet Earth will be the last planet to be healed.   So this Light of Comet Love Joy is helping to bring Light and Healing Energies.

Mother ships are position just outside 8 miles of our planet.  These Motherships are also directing energies of Light and healing to our planet.  A comet (with a ring around it, photo shown) is filled with huge numbers of goddess energy and their feminine energy to our planet.

An amazing thing happened after the Egypt Activation~ Goddess Dong Hu returned to planet Earth and is living in her physical light body in an undisclosed area in Asia.

A certain Dragon Group is protecting her.  She is now channeling Goddess energy for this planet to help our transition as easy and peaceful as possible.

Cobra strongly recommended to not watching TV because of its intense negative programming. Cobra recommended being careful of smart phones and laptops, which have a camera that allows the Chimera group members to monitor the general public.

There will be a phase after the initial Event~ First Contact where we can do interstellar travel.  The Event is the bringing of huge transitions. There will also be technologies such as Age Reversing technologies that will happen sometime after the Event.  It will be easy to extend one’s life span to 120 years or so.  If you want to live longer than 120 years, it is possible, but it will take a lot of spiritual changes to achieve this.

There is a certain Dragon Family that is protecting the Goddess and our portals.

Question and Answers

What is the definition of the End of Duality?

Will we continue to have Light and Dark? We will continue to have day and night because of our rotating planet.  We will still have moonlight. However, no more principles of Darkness.  No more suffering, no more disease, or spiritual darkness.  As we enter into the Tachyon belt, the energy will be lighter and lighter.

Is there any way we can prevent casualties as we approach The Event?  

Yes, if we are individually doing our own Mission or our own personal work.  Tachyon Energy is the highest possible representation of Direct Source.  Tachyon travels faster than light.  It cannot be destroyed. This energy does not interact with most known physical focus.  You cannot influence tachyons with magnetic, chemical and even nuclear influences.  Tachyons will remain inside objects such as crystal forever.  They have such high vibrational frequency they reduce the level of chaos in our energy fields.  They work on a quantum /subatomic level.  Tachyons heal many diseases.  It helps to reverse our aging process because aging is a process of entropy.  Tachyon energy /technology comes from the Pleiades. It is very important to create a network of tachyon energy points throughout the planet.  The Pledians asked Cobra to bring the Tachyon energy to this planet.

When one wears the silver and crystal tachyon jewelry that Cobra sells, over the heart chakra, it balances all chakras and activates the Light body.

The Plasma plane is being straightened out.  The occurrences happening on planet earth is hidden in the Plasma field. The Light Force is clearing this out now.

The Galactic Federation is an alliance of Light Forces with their galaxy.  The Ashtar Command is a section= a fleet of mother ships that are positioned outside and inside our solar system.  Its main purpose is our planetary liberation.  Most of those ships are in an Oort cloud (photo shown in presentation). Inside the Oort cloud are many planetary bodies and Light ships, Mother ships that are hidden to help with the liberation of our planet.  Each of these ships contains a tachyon membrane that absorbs all light for the ship.  So these ships are positioned to heal and liberate our planet.

In the very near future, there will be many operations of the Ashtar Command for the planetary liberation.  The Jupiter Command is for the awakening of the Brotherhood of the Star and the Sisterhood of the Rose.  The main base is on a planet called (I don’t know how to spell the name of the planet).  There is a certain Platform right above New Taipei City. That mother ship is opening a strong Light vortex.  There is also a Dragon Group that is operating a change in the financial system here in Taipei.

The Earth Star Chakra is connected to a core portal in the center of the Earth.

For our weekly Meditations we need to start working first on our own chakras and then connect that energy to the Earth Star Chakra.

The Compression Breakthrough is the same thing as The Event.

Lunch Break / Initiations of the Rays

Afternoon Session

We will be working on preparing you for The Event~ during the Event and after the Event.  The Event is a cosmic event. It is a cosmic occurrence.   We are connected with the Universe.  We are co-creating the Event. Our mass meditations have prevented a world, wide war in Syria and erased negative time lines for this planet.

We have the power to influence global events. We are able to manifest the Event.  We are creating the Event.  We will follow exact principles for manifestation.  If you look at human history, change is always made by a group of a few individuals who know and are awake and aware.  Awake and aware individuals, even one, can change the world.  One person with a vision is enough to change the world.  One Tesla was enough.  One Einstein was enough to change the world.  But more people sharing that vision makes this change even more possible. Tomorrow we will have 60-70 individuals who will change our planet as awake and aware people, who will awaken our planet. There are no known scientific laws to prevent the Event from happening.

(Side comment: )We are in the exact center of the planet.  This room is actively in the exact center.  The Dragon families are also located here in Taipei.  They have had a long time presence in Taipei for many, many years.  They have a portion of the gold they have stolen from the peasants through these many, many centuries buried in locations beneath New Taipei City.

We are co creating the Event. This group we have today is strong enough to make the Event happen.  The cabal cannot prevent the Event, but they can delay it.  So we are now on the time line where the Event will happen.

Each of us came to this planet many life times ago. But we especially came in this lifetime that the Event will happen.  It was known 20,000 years ago that the Event was going to happen.  We are 15 years late.  We have been trained in all of our lifetimes for the time period of the Event.  All the skills we have: healing, pottery, cooking, etc. …. we have gathered these skills through our incarnations for this Event.  During the first few weeks before and after the Event we will be tested to the maximum. Just before the Event, the cabal will go completely crazy.  We will feel that energy building up.  You will see emergency meditations on 2012 Portal blog.  The Resistance Movement has been testing the Light workers ability to organize in a short period of time and testing the resonance of the meditation’s frequency on the planet.  Within 24 hours we can plan an emergency announcement that will need to be spread as fast as possible. As Light Workers we will need to get as many people to join us in meditation to bring Light to our planet.  Use the technology you have.  Use your Facebook accounts, twitter, blogs etc. to get the word out.    There will be times when might need to get messages to the mainstream media as well.  You as Light workers might be contacted by the Resistance to drop everything and do something.  The Light Forces as resting everybody to see who to contact and to arrange this.  So we might be contacted.  The Light Forces have a plan that is fluid and details change all the time.

The Brotherhood of the Stars is transmitting the events all the time.  So the Resistance movement is receiving Intel all the time.  There are certain Dragon groups that receive certain details.    What the Light Forces are doing is creating an energy network by all of us who are awake. We are creating a Compression Mandala.  It is a network of Light by individuals who are awakened.  At the time of the Event, very strong energies will flow through you to awaken the world.  So the energy flow of the Event for us will be different from most people.  We will be given inner guidance of what to do and where to go.  It is important to follow that inner guidance immediately.

Planetary Light Grid

The Astral Planetary grid is almost complete.  The etheric grid is almost finished but not the plasma grid.  On the plasma grid there are some negative grids called the Tunnel of Set, which are now being cleared.  We need to create a plasma network of Light.

We are in the process of building this network, which will be complete at the Event.

When 2 lei lines cross it creates a vortex.  These vortexes open an energy vortex to the universe.  Goddess Duan Ho (spelling) feminine energy is softening the energy of our planet.  Creating more harmony.  There are beings of Light that are activating these portals.

Sisterhood of the Rose

The Sisterhood of the Rose Goddess Energy is the feminine aspect of the Source.  It is the clear and healthy principle of Divine Source, which has been suppressed by the Cabal.  The time has come to ring the Divine Goddess energy to the planet.  The Sisterhood of the Rose is a group of guardians.    Many of us were keepers of the flame..  Now it is time to create a group around our planet to anchor this Goddess energy.  There have been a few instances where the Sisterhood of the Rose has been active.  Such as during the Crusades conflict, the Sisterhood of the Rose intervened and peace came.  Sisterhood of the Rose influenced Nazi’s Hitler.  It’s very important to establish Sisterhood of the Rose groups.

The Goddess Vortex is a very advanced technology.  Our weekly meditations are a modified version of this.  The Light forces are using a  very advanced version of the Goddess Vortex Meditation to clear the Astral plane.  There are much more advanced versions of the Goddess Meditation which will liberate our planet.  People on this planet are not quite ready for this yet.

Divine Marriage of Isis and Osiris

This integration will lead to increased harmonious relationships of people on this planet.  This is one of the reasons the archons have been altering couples because they are aware of how powerful this is.

Day Two: Part 1 (First Half of Day)

Sunday: January 25th

Began Day 2 with Meditation for clearing and centering our energies.  Approximately 70 people in attendance.

Today’s Topics: Three Phases of Financial Reset etc.

Three phases of the Financial Reset

Let’s look at the Financial system which was imported many thousands of years ago from the Orion Star System  ~ for the purpose of enslaving humanity as a tool of control.

People are misinformed regarding the purpose of money.  But we have the power to change the purpose of money.  All the money that goes through our own hands ~ we can change that purpose.

The basic principle of enslaving humanity is Debt Slavery.  The whole system on this planet: the whole employment structure, all trade, all mechanisms of trade have been designed in such a way that do not allow the masses to be free and ensures all finances are in control of the Archons.

So the Archons choose the control over our life prior to our incarnation.  If the Archons chose for us to be born into a wealthy family, we are given more opportunity but only if we follow the system of the cabal.  It does not support talent. It doesn’t support skill.  It supports only the agenda of the cabal.  If the Archons chose for you to be born into a poor family, you have many more challenges in this world.

Most people are not able to earn enough to afford a reasonable lifestyle.  For example, houses are designed to be so expensive that you have to work 20-40 years to purchase the house.  The cabal has designed the prices of housing etc. for you to borrow money from the bank and then get one or two jobs to pay off the bank loan for 20-40 years.  It’s a slavery system.  People believe they are free so they don’t rebel.  Of course the cabal enjoys this set up because “man” works for them to pay all debt.  You pay for rent, food, gas, utilities, transportation most have nothing left over after paying for all of these artificially price-set items.

This is how the system works. The vast majority of people support this every day.  So the financial reset is all about rebooting the system.

There is nothing wrong with the money.

There is nothing wrong with the bank buildings.

There is nothing wrong with the computers or the gold within the banks.

What is wrong is the small group of people who design and support the enslavement of our planet.

Simplified Story of Dragon Families

In Asia, there have always been Dragon families who have stolen money from the people and accumulated mass wealth. This gold has been hidden in various places all over Mainland China and the Philippines.  Eventually the cabal came and began to buy gold from the Asian families for pieces of paper. On the paper was written a promise.  The Western cabal promised 50 or more years to pay back the gold.  The Dragon families were greedy so they gave the Gold bond papers thinking they were getting more money.  This happened before World War 2.  The cabal created World War 2 to steal the rest of the gold.  The US court stole the gold from the people in 1934.  They took the money from people. They gave money to people for their gold.  People accepted the paper.  The “controllers” will not allow you to print or copy the paper money, only “those” that control the bank.  So in 1934 people had to give gold to receive US Dollars.  This was the second phase and then World War 2 began by the archons.  In Europe the Nazi’s stole the gold. In Asia, the Japanese stole the gold. And then the United States came and then that was stolen but they dug underground bunkers and hid the gold in those bunkers.  After World War 2, the cabal wanted to transport the gold to the United States.  They were able to transport some gold.  After WW2, because of the political climate, some of the Dragon Family members went to Taipei and hid their gold under the city (about 2 kilometers from the exact location of The Breakthrough Conference.  It is said the Taiwan Central Bank just opened one of those vaults.  That gold was here a few years ago, but it might not be there anymore.  (Cobra said this with a smile).  So…. the USA grabbed the gold and put that gold up as collateral to get more paper money because the Cabal wanted more funding for the Secret Space program.   They built underground bases, built space ships, went to Earth’s moon and to Mars.  They spent over $1,000 trillion each year (3 billion dollars every day).  So people who are working at their jobs~ half of our $$ went to this secret space program. All this money taken from the people through their taxes etc. enabled about 100 people in the Cabal to go to Mars to have their fun.

Three Phases of the Financial Reset

1st Phase: Energetic Phase~ Ritual Reset of all of our debt.

We have been programed to believe we owe money to the bank.  It is exactly the same principle as the Law of Karma.  We can exit the old belief system of Karma by giving up that belief that does not serve us. The bank wants us to believe we owe them money.  They just have someone punch a few digits on the computer.  It is a few seconds of digital keypunching and then we have to work 10-20 years to pay these electronic keystrokes.  And the sad thing is, we are the ones who are conditioned to believe this and with our free will we agree to this bizarre system.

What would happen if everyone would say “NO, we don’t owe you!”? It is time for people to stand up and say, this is my money, not yours.  But it is hard because the cabal can create repercussions for individuals who stand up against the Financial Cabal.  The Dragon Family has been given the responsibility to checkmate the Cabal.  This is the reason for the BRICS~ the core countries of the Eastern Alliance.  What is behind this is the movement of the Dragon Families to put pressure on the Rothschild’s to stop this slavery.

Eastern Alliance is creating a different Financial System.

They have created a BRICS banking system.

They are creating SWIFT Banking system and an alternative Rating system.

So they are doing this against the Cabal.  The old financial system is working because it is a planetary belief system.  People believe there is still gold in Fort Knox.  The Cabal knows they don’t really need gold ~ because the public believes there is gold and that is enough. The Cabal knows this false, global or universal belief in the USA having gold is enough now.  They don’t need to actually have gold in United States coffers.   Their belief in this false concept is locking in the energy of this debt slavery system.

The Eastern Alliance is putting pressure on the Cabal by exposing this.  The Resistance Movement took the gold away 3 years ago.  The cabal doesn’t have the gold.  But there is a little bit of gold to propagate the illusion. This is why you see storefronts buying and selling gold and silver.  It is just enough to keep the illusion active on this planet.

First phase is Energy Reset: People will say “No” to this system.  If you refuse to pay the money to the bank, the bank will try to crush you.  It is not easy for an individual to go against the system.  But now there is an entire alliance that is working for us.  It will be much easier to bring the cabalist debt slavery system when we have the numbers of the Resistance Movement and the Eastern Alliance.

All debt will be forgiven.  The US government Debt ~ who will collect the US Debt?  The Cabal bankrupted the US in 1934.  Since then they control the entire country.  The cabal controls the US since 1934. They control all elections etc.  The banksters control the system.

One physical house is worth much more than all the money in the Cabal’s bank account, because a house is real.  The Cabal put the gold bonds into the trading system. So they put 100 billion dollars in a trading program and 10 years later they have trillions of dollars.  20 years later they have quadrillions of dollars.  But it is not real money.  It is just numbers on a computer screen.  Nothing more. They cannot even get that out of a bank.  It is the Cabal’s fiction.  It is not real.  You have heard the trillions of “worth” of the Rothschild’s.  It is all fiction.  It is not real.  They created a system we chose to believe.  It is time for this illusion to vanish.

All the wealth on the planet belongs to the people who created their wealth through their work, skills, time and effort.  It does not belong even to the Dragon Families.  After the Event, even the Dragon families will have to give up this gold because it belongs to the people.  After the reset the wealth will be given to the people. Not to the Dragon Families.  All goes to the People.  The gold belongs to humanity.  The Light Forces will not allow the collateral accounts to go to anyone but the people of the world.  At the moment of the Financial Reset the Resistance Movement will take over the financial system.  The Swift system was hacked in 2012 by the Resistance Movement.    The people in the Resistance Movement have their own computer system and they will take control of the financial system at the moment of the Event.  And so at the Event, the Cabal cannot even fly away.  They will not even be able to drive their cars to escape (because their expensive cars are all controlled electronically and via satellite systems which will be under the control of the Resistance Movement).  They will have to walk or ride their bikes (if they have bikes!) to make their get away.

Secondly: Banks will be closed for 2 weeks.  During that time the Cabal will be removed from the planet.  After that two weeks time, the healthy banks will reopen.  Many of the banks will go bankrupt (those banks with enormous derivative debt).  People will be given any of their money that might be left in the bank.  However it is anticipated that prior to the Event, the Cabal will be taking out any available money in everyone’s bank accounts.  People will also receive money from collateral debt.

Thirdly, All debt will be erased except speculative debt.  Example: if you go and buy 10 homes right now, the more the credit you use for plasma TV’s etc. this kind of debt will not be erased.  The Resistance Movement is keeping an eye on this and knows if people are stacking up debt in a dishonest manner.
The Resistance Movement has a message fro the Dragon Family: The Dragon Family will need to release their greed.  The money does not belong to them.  The Dragon Family will be given what is due to them however they will be required to release the money to the people of this planet.

Thirdly: After Event: Many new technologies will be released.  These new technologies will almost cost nothing to build and maintain.  So people will not have the need for money because most things can be made from zero costs. So there will eventually be no need for money.

Petro Dollar System was established in 1973. Henry Kissinger was a front man for this.  He was so stupid, people had to explain Henry Kissinger how to put together the Petro Dollar System.

The Petro Dollar System’s main purpose is for the strength of the US military system.  So the US military can carry out the work of the Chimera Group.   This money was used primarily to monitor the presence of all ET groups and to prevent all positive ET contact.  They are afraid of Pleidians, Sirians etc.  They are extremely afraid of the positive ET’s and our encounters with the friendly ET’s.  The Cabal sends out special secret teams that go to any ET crash site to remove any evidence of ET’s.  All witnesses are silenced. This is the main (primary) purpose of the Petro Dollar System.  The US military forces everyone to pay in US Petro Dollars.

You don’t have to put a gun to the heads of people, they just build a US military base everywhere and everyone obeys.  No questions asked.  For instance, there are US military bases even in Cuba, small islands and even here in Taiwan.  This is to monitor everyone.  All those countries then pay for US Petro oil dollars.  This makes everyone worldwide dependent on US Petro Oil Dollars.

The BRIC’s are breaking this.

They are allowing other currencies now to be used.  Now the Chimera group is losing their financial power base. There are still Chimera members who have infiltrated the Russian Military and the Chinese Military. Basically, the Chimera has infiltrated all militaries.  So the Eastern Alliance is working through the BRIC’s nations.  So at the Event/Financial Reset all of these infiltrating Chimera members of these different militaries will be removed.

The Jesuits came to China in the late 18th century for the main purpose to infiltrate the Dragon Families.  They were quite successful.  They did infiltrate all the Dragon Families and the top levels of each Dragon Families are aware of this infiltration.

All the Dragon Families are aware of the Event.  They are all aware of the pending arrests.  There is a lot of talk about Cheney, Rumsfeld etc. in the mainstream media news now.  The Jesuits have chosen to expose them: Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld etc.

The Pope is a good Jesuit.  The Pope appears as a good guy- but in reality he could eliminate all poverty in the world by simply selling the land the Vatican owns in some areas of South America. If the Vatican sold some of their land holdings in South America, the profit made is enough to pay off and end world poverty.  Do you see the Pope offering to do this?

The Catholic Church owns $5,000 billion ($5 trillion).  They grabbed their land through the Conquistadors, a primary Jesuit faction.  The Jesuits just took the land.  The Jesuits have created a huge delicate network of thousands of companies who appear to own the Vatican land holdings.  Yet in reality, it all belongs to the Jesuits.  They just hide behind these front companies.  The Jesuits want to distance themselves of the past.  They want to continue to control the Roman Catholic Church and they use the Rothschild’s to control their money.  Notice there is no talk about the Rothschild members in the media.

The Jesuits have infiltrated the BRICs nations as well. Of course the Resistance Movement knows exactly who they are.  At the time of the Event, the Light Forces will arrest these culprits and give their money to the People.

We are to support the BRICS ~ we are not to fear the Event or the BRICS.  The Jesuits want us to fear the Event.

Land owned by private citizens will remain in those private citizen’s hands.  The land held by the Cabal and corrupt governmental agencies will be redistributed to the People of this planet.

Question: Will the Pope be arrested?  Answer: “Yes”

Most countries in the world currently support the Eastern Alliance/ BRICS.  It might not be in the Main Stream Media, but the support is there. There is much more going on behind the scenes than what the media portrays.  BRICS is much more ready to function than is mentioned or portrayed in the media.  Most countries are preparing or are already prepared for this change.  It’s just that the media is not reporting this.

Today is a momentous day:  there are elections occurring in Greece.  If the Anti-Capitalist Party wins, it will be a huge thing.  Greece will distance from the Euro and they will walk away from their US debt.  This will create a chain reaction and domino effect.  More countries will walk way from paying their US Debt.  This will enforce the new paradigm of bringing down the illusion of the Fiat – Debt Slavery financial system.

This goes back to this belief system of owing fiat debt.  People will leave the paradigm of fiat debt and switch to gold and silver backed economy.  This change of our paradigm is the reset of our belief system that will begin today in our afternoon meditation, in this very room today. This is a huge paradigm shift for humanity.

People may fall but if they fall in this transition but they will fall on solid ground. When you land on solid ground, you can actually rebuild.  It will be very stressful for banks, Wealth Advisors, Wealth Managers etc. but to regular people, this will be different. It will not be so hard for people who are not invested into the corrupt fiat banking system.

There will be a certain point where all people will lose their trust in paper money.  This unusual loss of faith in paper money is the trigger for the Reset for The Event.

Let me explain a few things:

Abundance Consciousness:  We have been programed to believe that money is evil.  We have been programmed to believe that we do not deserve money.  We have developed blockages.   This paradigm is to be changed.  We are changing the old paradigm of debt slavery today, right here.  We are going to learn how money can help move us into the Golden Age.

When we believe we deserve prosperity ~ money is not evil.

Money flow on the Etheric Plane

Every time there is a financial transaction, there is a purpose.  There is an energy flow.

If there is a positive purpose for a financial transaction, there is a positive etheric energy flow.  All the negative transactions (funding of wars, funding secret space programs for negative intentions, greed, etc.) create negative energy flows.

Our meditation this afternoon (January 25, 2015) will clear this negative thinking so that all future transactions will be positive and will clear the financial energy system.

The other very important part of our financial system is to step out of this system.

  1. Pay off as much debt as is possible.   Debt is the highest energy block to our energy.
  2. Use credit card transactions as little as possible.  Because the cabal knows everything we do with our credit cards.  Leave as little of a paper trail as possible.
  3. Take your money out of the bank.  You can have a little bit (few hundred dollars) to keep your bank accounts open, be able to do certain transactions etc.)
  4. Buy something of value.  Invest your money into houses, land, silver and gold.

There are two purposes for this: At the time of the event: banks will be closed.  We need to buy food.  At the Event when banks are closed, people will be at their lowest level of trust in the financial system.  If you go to stores with paper dollars~ paper money is basically worthless.  Initially, some banks might accept paper dollars but there will not be any “plastic card” transactions.  Those systems will be closed.  Because all credit cards are connected to the cabal banking system.  That system will be brought down.  For a short time, some businesses will accept the paper money.  Silver or gold coins will be honored, we can survive with silver and gold currency ~ no problem.  So one purpose of gold and silver is to get by during the Event.

Our purpose is to survive The Event.

It is good to have a little silver and gold.

The second purpose for gold and silver will be for our investment.  So paper money loss is real.  The Swiss bank’s recent move demonstrated that many people lost years and years of net worth of work, perhaps 20 years of their life’s earnings.

Think about the vast amount of net worth in Swiss bank accounts.  Switzerland has about 50 million people.  Imagine what will happen when China pulls what Switzerland just pulled off?

In times like this, the bank will confiscate your bank accounts.  It is actually a strategy of the cabal to empty our bank accounts for various strategies~ wars, national emergencies etc.  The Cabal usually waits 20-30 years between the times they pull money from citizen’s bank accounts.  20-30 years gives people time to rebuild their confidence in the banking system and then in 20-30 more year, they wipe out the bank accounts again.

Take your money out now.  Those of you who live in the USA have a problem because if you take more than $10,000 out you are targeted as “suspicious”. But there are ways to do this and stay under the Cabal’s radar. You can find this information out on the Internet.

Take your money out of the bank and put your money in gold and silver. So those are different steps to get out of the financial system.  The most important thing is to realize is  “worth” and “value” are only found in physical things.

For instance, the 8 X 11 sheet of paper you are writing on is worth more than the 1000 UTD (Taiwanese Treasury note).  So if the Swiss Central Banks makes a move to get out of the US Petro Dollar, it can happen anywhere.

Don’t do bank bonds, CD’s anything digital on paper can and most likely will be taken.  The only secure form of currency is silver and gold.

The financial system has been designed to be very complicated so no one can understand it.  The New Financial System will be very simple.  Transactions will be simple and straightforward.

So to rise above the Financial System~ many methods such as:

1. Barter~ exchange for skills, goods, etc.

2. Do financial transactions without system knowing anything about it.
Exchange cash from private individual to private individual.  Then energetically you become invisible from the Rothschild’s Cabal System.   When you will become invisible Energetically you will become freer and you will draw wealth to you.

The Stages of Money Distribution at the time of the Event:

  1. Food Shelter and Clothing
  2. Free Energy
  3. Other priorities

Money will most likely not be distributed in the USA prior to the Event because of the Cabals control in the USA.  Money might likely be released in Russia and China prior to the event, which is a stronger possibility.

The Dragons are very practical.  They don’t want to waste their time.  90% of the proposals for the non-profit proposals are rubbish.  You have to research your projects out well and have a solid business plan.  It is to support the good of our planet, not personal wealth.

Break: Meditation

Part 2: Afternoon/Evening Session

Prior to this break, Cobra led our group of 70 Light Workers from around the world into an amazing global changing meditation ceremony to effectively change the Global Financial System.  At the end of Day One, Cobra asked everyone to bring a gold or silver coin (not jewelry) with us for this special meditation.  Many Light workers went to the streets of Taiwan to buy a gold coin or silver coin for this mediation.  Jedi and his Light workers saw to it that every single participant was able to have at least a silver dollar to participate in this global transformative mediation.  A beautiful altar holding crystals and candles in the middle of the room was transformed to receive the gold and sliver.  During our meditation, one by one, each Light Worker brought the silver and/or gold we had and placed it upon the alter. As we placed the silver and gold money on the table, we prayerfully asked St Germain for his blessings for wisdom and to bless us with great prosperity to assist ourselves, our families, and our world.  It was a powerful meditation Cobra later disclosed to us we changed the paradigm of the debt-based, slavery financial system on the plasma and etheric levels.

Welcome Back 

4:00 PM: Meditation: Clearing of negative energy and organizing group energy

So we have now changed the Financial System. (BIG APPLAUSE).  So now you can continue to buy silver and gold. The basic idea is gold and silver needs to come into the hands of the people and not the Banksters.

So when everyone on the planet does what we have done~ buying just one silver coin, then debt slavery will be over.  No more funding of wars.

Question: “I want to ask the Easter Alliance about Fortune Telling”.  Will we be able to expand and tell fortune or know what the future is in regard to finances?”  (This question was by a Taiwanese female Light worker who was speaking in English.  I believe there may have been a bit of mis-wording/interpretation in her attempt to pose her question in English.) Cobra responded with the understanding of her question that she was referring to how the Cabal seems to “know the future of world economic events”. The global economic cabalists seem to play their chessboard of geo-political moves that appear to tell the future…. and so will we the common people be able to have this ability like the Cabalists?  Cobra’s Answer: “After the event, we will have improved ability to know the future.  There will not be manipulation of the financial system.  We will still have Free Will but we will be on a positive time line.  People will choose positively, not negative decisions for themselves or our planet.

Question: “Aside from the Financial System, our lives are still affected by the Corporate Systems~ i.e. Facebook, Google etc.  How will this affect us?”  Cobra’s Answer: First of all, they don’t own your privacy.  They only collect data you give to them.  After the Event, Data collection will not be gathered anymore.  All those companies will be restructured.  They will have to buy back their shares.  The International Stock Market will collapse.  The healthy parts will survive. They will structure for good.  Facebook will become a social network and not a NSA data collection system.  Google will be a great search engine.  Meanwhile, we can use these systems for our own advantage.  Use these systems for good.

Question: “After the event~ can we live longer?  After the event we can live up to 120 years of age.  But will some people stay in a kindergarten type of spiritual growth? “  Cobra’s Answer: “Everyone will evolve spiritually.’

Question: “We know the Dragon Family has a 60 year Paper Bond which has expired.  The IMF (International Monetary Fund) is not bankrupt.  So how will they get their gold back?”  Cobra’s Answer:  “It is not their gold.  This gold was taken from the Chinese peasants through the years.  Now it is in the hands of the Resistance, for the good of all mankind. The Chinese will ask for their money back.  Why are the Chinese not asking for their money yet?  Because there are United States military bases all over the world. The US does not even need to hold a gun to someone’s head.  They have enough power and intimidation all they need is a military base on every continent and places around the world, and people acquiesce.

Question: “Who is the Resistance Movement?”  Cobra’s Answer: “Go to my blog, 2012portalblogspot.com. I have extensive information on one of the first postings.  “They came from Planet X to Planet Earth about 15 years ago.  The role of the Positive Military is to be the force behind the Event.  One of the things the positive military will do is assist with food distribution, arresting the cabal, assisting with the stabilization of our planet etc.

Question: Since our body is just a vehicle for our soul is our soul just a calculation? (I am not sure what this kind Taiwanese Light worker, was trying to say by the word calculate.) When we die, where do we go? Cobra’s Answer: Our soul is what thinks.  Our soul is not our brain. It is not our brain that thinks for us, it is our soul.

Question: “What about people who pass away during the Event?”

Cobra’s Answer: “They will go to the Astral Plane and see things from a higher perspective.  The Astral plane is worse off than we are on this physical plane on Earth.  For people who are contemplating suicide~ It is much better for people to stay on Earth than to go to the Astral plane right now.

Question: “When can we really remove all kinds of artificial borders?

Cobra’s Answer: “It will be a gradual process.  But immediately after the Event, all visas will be removed.  Passports may be needed for a while but they will be easy to get.”

Question: “How can we speed up time for the Event to come?”  Cobra’s Answer: Meditation, spreading information about everything you are doing.  Use your social media, press, and word of mouth to let others know about your projects.  When you start taking action, you will have such little time you won’t even think about that question.

I want to speak on the Berretta Principles.  There was a study done demonstrating that most people waste their time on the wrong things in life.  Scientists have discovered we have 80% effect from 20% of what we do with our lives.  It is the energy we put into things that count. So if you put your energy only into the most important things, you will get 80% effect.  If you put your energy into so many projects and activities, you will only get 20% effect.  Prioritize what you do with your time.  Don’t waste your energy on things that are less important.  Don’t put your energy or time to please others, nor putting time into pleasing the government.

Follow your dreams!  Learn when to say, “Yes”.  Learn when to say “No”.

Money as we know it now looks like paper.  This paper has been circulating and circulating with so many different types of energies.  The money you hold in you wallet may have been spent on negative aspects: drugs, porn, abusive things.  Who knows what types of energy have been picked up in that paper through countless exchanges?  Now we need to think of each bank note as a crystal.  Visualize each bank note as a crystal with pure, light energy.  This will transform the financial system when each and every one of us begins to transform the energy of this paper money into crystal light energy.  Prior to a financial transaction, do a quick meditation.  Take your bank note and visualize the bank note as a crystal white light~ full of energy.

OK. We will continue…

I will speak about the Manifestation process.  When you learn of the Manifestation Process, you will be able to manifest ANYTHING.

The Law of Manifestation is very simple: Decisions Manifest.

That’s it.

It will make it longer, but it is quite simple.

Decision is an act of free will.

Everything happening on this planet is collective decisions.  Most people let others influence their decisions to tell them what to do.  People allow their religious leaders to tell them how to live.  People allow their government to tell them where to go, how to go there, how to pay, what to believe (through mainstream media, etc.). People allow governments to tell their children what to believe in “state” based school systems or church based school systems.

Decision is a Universal Law.  If you have make a decision for a new house, you will have it.  If you make a decision for the Event, it will happen.  Of course if you give up or change your mind, it won’t happen.  Decision makes it happen.  It will happen.  But when and how it happens are the variables.

Small things are easier to manifest.  They manifest quickly.  Larger decisions or items may take longer.  The person with the strongest free will ~ will win.  The person needs to be informed to make better decisions.

Decisions can change the direction of the planet.

It only takes one person with strong decision/intent to change the world.  Look at Tesla.  Look at Einstein.  Look at Rothschild. For example Rothschild’s decision to have both World War 1 & 2.  Men were drafted into the army and they freely surrendered their will be killed.  It was their choice.  If we have clear and improved knowledge we make better choices.  Informed decision-making is essential.

Thousands and thousands of people want the Event to happen.  This has never happened before.  It will happen.  It will occur.  The intent is so strong, this will happen.

But we are working against the Cabal and their free will.  They have a very strong dedication.  They have worked and waited for generations and generations for their plans.  Are you willing to work years and generations for the Event so our children and grandchildren will see the Event?  Cheers!  Of course, the Event will occur sooner.

Third Step: The third step is Physical Action.  No matter how much you meditate, you have to take physical action.  Physical action can be anything.  In the command center of my blog, we have listed at least 30 action plans or things you can do. Just do something.

To manifest: Repeat Steps 1,2 and 3 and you will be successful.

Step One: Make your decision

Step Two: Emotional component: Dedication to your decision

Step Three: Physical Action.

Just keep repeating.  It will take some time.  So we are very close to the Event.  It’s not tomorrow. But as a global perspective, we are almost there.  We just have to keep on going.

Emotions: People often fight with their emotions.  One part of archon programming is:  We have to fight with our emotions for us to be controlled or not controlled.  Yet emotions are the fuel for our actions. If you want a new house and you are angry about not having this house~ if we fight that emotion because we think anger is bad, we fight against the achievement of getting the house.  Use your passion.  Use your anger to say “Yes, I WILL get my house- damn it! (Note: damn it might be my interjection not Cobra’s…sorry, I cannot remember, but it was in my notes!) Use your passion to get your goals.  You’re your passion to get your goals.

To speed up the process #1 is to be informed.  Spread the news.

Question: Is it OK to bring attention to negative things on Facebook or emails like False Flag events?  Cobra’s Answer: It’s OK to acknowledge this is happening then move on and move to solutions.  The attention span of people are about 2 weeks.  So people talk about the news item for about 2 weeks and then they forget about it.  This happened with the Ebola False Flag, and on and on.  So bring Light to a situation. Be brief on the description and present solutions and then move on!

Question (from a loving vegetarian Taiwanese Light Worker) The woman gave a lengthy description of her meditations in the sunlight and while looking up at the sun, she prays for blessings for everyone in the world and for everyone to become a vegetarian (to raise the consciousness of do-no-harm to all creatures). She asked Cobra~ is this OK?  Cobra’s Answer: Yes, it’s OK.  Just keep on being you and doing what you are doing.

So the Law of Manifestation:

Everything is Possible

The Universe is Infinite

This group here today is strong enough to determine and change the future.  Our beliefs change the world.  We are shaping the reality on this planet.  We have strong forces helping us above and below our planet.  So don’t be afraid to ask.

Of course we have our minds.  You have your computers.  They are powerful tools.  Share information to change the world.  Use your blogs, Facebook postings, Twitter etc.  Share information and change the world.

If we have 144,000 people with focused intent we can change the world.  Our 2013 meditation, we prevented the war in Syria.

Each person counts.

Together we can change everything.

Visualize our future.

Focus & Live it.

Cobra ended our session by bringing attention to his two websites: www.2012portal.blogspot.com and tachyonis.org The tachyonis.org website is the site where you can learn and buy the tachyon energy tools that were given to Cobra from the Pleidians.

Source: Cheryl Scott



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