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The Core Positive News from Cobra's October Interview

30. 10. 2014


The Core Positive News from Cobra's October Interview

In Preparation for Reset at The Event
Cobra gave us some really great news this time about the development of things. First we learned that between the 17-19th October there was a breakthrough and certain agreements were made between the cabal and the Dragon Families regarding the financial situation. This does not mean that the Reset will happen right now but that quite significant progress has been made. Many people are very excited because after years and years of very hard work something has finally happened and there are some results but not enough for the breakthrough to happen completely.

More Cracks in the Veil
Many have experienced a strong positive shift since the Autumn equinox and Cobra gave the following reasons as to why this shift has occurred. He said that there has been some progress made in the situation with the veil {matrix} and some people are able to feel that. There is still some negativity in the uppermost etheric layers but it is growing less and less.

Major Breakthrough
We have also learned that regarding the chimera and their military industrial bases and Strangelet bombs etc. that there has been a 'major breakthrough' ! but that the information is classified.

We learn that after the Event there will hardly be anything to 'divide' the physical world form the etheric plane. Everything will be transmuted and there will only be a very subtle membrane which will be a natural divide between the physical and the etheric {we will be very 'close to Heaven’ - the real Heaven at all times}.

Improvement in Communication Old Light Families
When Cobra visited Taiwan for the conference there he was involved with some meetings with some Dragon Families. He told us then that there was unfortunately a lot of disconnection and miscommunication between various families. Now we learn that the situation has improved. There have been some good signs recently and especially in the past few weeks so there is definitely improvement.

Solar Flare Activity Good for Us
We learn that solar flares are influencing our DNA and assisting in the activation of the DNA.

Good News
1} For all Twin Souls
After the Event the process of reunification with the twin souls will start.
2} People missing deceased Loved Ones
Also the light forces will have technology available shortly after the Event so that people can make contact with deceased loved ones / relatives on the other side.
3} People missing their missing children
People will also be able to be reunited with missing children - one way or another -
after the Event and have contact with them - there will be so much healing then.

Lord Maitreya
Lord Maitreya which is actually a code name for one of the Ascended Masters will appear at a certain point after First Contact - He is not at present on the planet.

Light Forces counteracting Ebola
We also learned that the light forces have been involved in counteracting most of what the cabal have tried to do with the Ebola virus.
COBRA – Yes, basically what is happening is the Cabal wanted to engineer another pandemic and they have created this virus in the laboratory but then when the light forces managed to annihilate most of this and destroy most of this, they have inflated the whole situation by actually creating mass pandemic false flag, with stage actors, with hyped media campaign and the reaction to the situation is that Ebola is actually decreasing. There are countries that have been infected that are clear now already and also the possibility of getting Ebola is extremely small. It’s almost impossible for the average human being to catch that disease. Yes, there are plans that the Cabal wants to use that as an excuse for mass vaccinations. Those plans can be successful in limited isolated cases but not globally.
Rob – Right. I felt the same way that it’s been extremely hyped up. The good news is that the light forces when this plan was coming up, they basically . . . wherever it was stored, Africa or Fort Detrick, MD, they put a laser beam on that or magically to kill all the viruses. What have they done. Can you explain that.
COBRA – They have technologies that can . . . I will not go into details of their technology. They have certain technologies that can now counteract most of what they are doing.”

A Breakthrough Paving Way for The Event
Finally Cobra ended this month’s interview by telling us that there have been certain breakthroughs around the weekend of the 18-19th of October that will result in BIG changes although it will take some time. We should not lose hope. He said;

"Things are happening and 'what we are fighting for will happen' and 'will be here for all of us and for all of our futures from here and to eternity"

Yes all of the signs everywhere we look are now pointing to huge change just around the corner. To many people who are just waking up it must be indeed a scary time. Many can see that there is much chaos and events happening worldwide at a quicker pace than ever before and they can see that something very big is wrong with this world but are sadly unaware of the intense 40 years of preparation that has been ongoing here to liberate us. They are unaware of those battles between forces of Light and dark that have taken place below our surface.

Harmonious times are approaching us at a fast pace and like Cobra says here on this picture profound changes are coming to this planet!

We are moving forward at the speed of Love - stay in your heart - remember that the heart is the source of contact with Source. It is the pathway through the heart that leads us into the experience of enlightenment. We are living on a planet where we have a unique possibility to Ascend through connecting to our heart. I will be addressing this subject at some depth in an article that I am working on.

Heartfelt Love and Light to all of you from Therese Z



30 /10 /2014 at 0900 AM



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